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The great Indian Weddings are BIIIIG and FAT, and we make them gaudier and crispier. The happiness and vibrancy on the bride and groom’s face starts to gleam right from pre-wedding days, and we know that’s the time we should start shooting. Our shoots range from pre-wedding that includes all your ubtans and mehndis and some evenings when you want to be pampered with photographs and videos. Pre- wedding days remind us of the times we were still bachelors and have a different love quotient trapped in them. The sense of the fading bachelorhood and the course of unleashing a new world is evident and is enthralling to visit it time. They last until the last guest leaves your house, in fact even later… when you are framed solely with the one you’re framed for life.

As Bangalore wedding photographers we know that each customer has his/her own requirements and our packages are tailor made for each one of you.  Our Wedding Photographers in Bangalore respect your suggestions and aim at providing you with what you desire. We are satisfied only when we see your lips curl into a smile the instant you cast a glance at the end product and when that smile moves on to your eyes and brightens up your face. We are the Best Indian wedding photographers in Bangalore who provide quality Wedding photography Bangalore.

Our packages are set according your needs, based upon the crew members and kind of photograph you desire. The costs fall in a wide range and come with a quality that is unmatchable with the other counterparts. Our clients have stayed with us for years now, they believe in the lines… Once a Vaibhava, always a Vaibhava!

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