How to make Valentine’s day special?

How to make Valentine’s day special?

On a normal day, you can think many ways of celebrate the love you have for your partner .But on Valentine’s Day, you can show your love in hundreds of ways. Valentine’s Day is your day, the day you can make your partner feel like they have conquered the world when they have you. Read further to find out different ways you can win your partner’s heart. We give a few ways you can celebrate this day.


Get him gift vouchers from his/her favorite brand

We all love gifts and yes, we all love brands. So, surprise your loved one by giving him/her a gift voucher from his/her favorite brand. Why not take your girl to a mall and let her shop to her heart’s content? Ladies, you too can play the host and catch him by surprise by buying him a super cool product from sporty brands like Puma, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger,Woodland…the list is endless! This is one of ways you can make your Valentine’s Day memorable for your partner.

A holiday to a beach resort

Romance and beaches really go together. If it’s a beach resort, it’s going to be fun. Suppose you can’t afford this or you don’t have time to escape to a far off land, you can still manage to have fun by going to place which is affordable and close. Valentine’s Day is not about how much money you can spend, it’s about how much time you can spend with the love of your life.

Write about your partner

Old-style romance is never too old. Suppose you have no time, you can just write the things you adore about your partner. You can write a love poem or love letter and put it in his/her purse/wallet or just give it directly to him/her. You can also write a Facebook note about the love of your life and tag your friends in it to express your love. What you do is your choice and depends on your style completely.

Buy your partner what he /she adores.

Suppose your wife adores flowers and loves roses among flowers, gift your wife a bunch of red roses in a really cool vase. Suppose your husband likes wallets, just get him a wallet in the brand he uses or likes. Or together you can buy a camera to make this and all the future Valentine’s Days, birthdays and anniversaries memorable. Everybody loves pictures and pictures with your loved one will what you will be admiring when you have grown old together.

Just a lot of time

Time is the most precious thing you can give someone. If somebody gives you their time, it definitely means that you are an important part of their life. It’s time you took a break from your schedule and really proved to your partner that they mean everything to you. Whether it’s time at home or time in a restaurant or coffee shop, it is time well spent if it is with your partner.

It is true that Valentine’s Day is your day and that you should spend time with that special person in your life. But if you truly love your partner, everyday should be a great way to express the love you have for your partner. So have a great time this Valentine’s Day with your special someone. We wish you love and luck!

10 Ways to take better Candid Photos

Gone are the days when friends and family were made to pose with the bride and groom or the birthday baby. Everybody now wants natural shots or candid photos. Candid photography is becoming more and more popular these days. Here, the subjects do not pose but are rather caught in the moment. This not only gives better, more natural photos but also reduce the awkwardness and camera fear in the subject. It is also great fun for the photographer for there is always the element of surprise and you’ll never know what you’ll get.

Here are some ways to take better candid shots:

Catch them in the moment

candid photos in itself mean pictures where subjects are in their natural state. This is achieved more easily when they don’t know that they are being shot at all. So the way to go when you are looking to take good candid photos is to catch the subject in the moment. This gives an emotion to the picture and the subject invariably looks good due to the sheer lack of awkwardness.


Lose the flash

the most important thing is to practice shooting in natural light. Not only does it not detract your subject but it also gives more perspective to the photo. The mood of the subject is much better reflected in the photograph when shot in natural light.


Shoot from the hip

if you don’t want the subject to even know that you are photographing him/her, be it in order to not distract them or to not offend them, the best way to shoot is from the hip. This will also give you a new perspective. Try using live view to compose a shot at first if you’re ending up with a lot of bad photos. Also use the Burst mode while shooting candid pictures. This way you get a good couple of pictures of the same moment to choose from, for the moment gone never comes back.


Tag along for professional shoots

A best place to take candid shots full of emotions and fun is during a professional shoot. When the photographer is trying to get the subject or subjects in the right pose/position, you can shoot the subjects in their natural state, having fun and making cute silly faces. Also, the lighting is always brilliant! So take your camera along when your family or friends go for a professional shoot and catch them in the moment.



Candid photography is all about improvisation. You obviously can’t carry around all your lenses, lighting equipment and diffusers with you everywhere and at all times not only because it’s practically impossible but you are also going to make it obvious to the subject that he/she is being photographed. So you must learn to photograph with the amount of light you’ve got and the setting that you are in to compose a good candid shot. This comes with a lot of trial and errors, and practice.

B&W is your best friend

you can add a lot to your image while shooting in monochrome, especially if you are looking to take portraits. Not only does it give a completely new perspective to your pictures but monochrome has a way of making the subject look ethereally beautiful by adding a bit of mystery to the picture.

Add context

it’s important for the audience to understand what you are trying to communicate through the picture be it an emotion or a message. So it is important to add context using the settings and surroundings. Here again you must learn to improvise, for you can’t use any props per se. It’s just your subject and what he, she or it has got with or around them.

Good lens (telephoto can work wonders)

it’s important to have a good lens and the right lens to shoot good candid photos. This one can choose keeping in mind where he/she is going to shoot. Telephoto lenses work amazingly for one main reason- they can make your subject look closer than they are which means you can shoot from a good distance. Also, try and keep your camera on Auto Focus when shooting. This way you won’t miss the moment while trying to get the right focus.

Be patient

catching the subject in the moment might sound easy but if you want to catch them at the right moment you must be very patient. Your arms are going to hurt but trust me when I say the results are going to be completely worth it. You need to decide on the subject and wait for them to get into the right position or do the right action or show the right emotion to be able to get a good photo.

Carry your camera everywhere, EVERWHERE

if you want to become a very good candid photographer, you must learn to make your camera a part of your every fashion statement. Carry it everywhere. You never know when you will get an amazing picture. Always be ready to shoot. This way you’ll never miss a moment. Shoot anything and everything.

Most people don’t get offended by being photographed but if you find anyone stopping you from photographing them or being offended by being photographed, whether you are planning to publish the photographs or not, please respect their personal opinion and refrain from photographing them or delete the picture right there in front of them. This will increase their respect for the art and for the artists. Keeping this in mind, pick up your camera and shoot the next person you see!

Tips for taking better wedding photographs

Bless the day photography was invented because this has been our greatest possession, freezing time and memories with ease and creating moments that will be recalled several times in the years to come. Among the many events one could photograph, wedding photography earns a top spot just for its emotional significance. So it is very important for a wedding photographer to pay attention to every detail and capture the blissful moments of the wedding. Here are a few tips for the photographers to make the couple’s day.

Discuss the shots with the couple

This is the most important part of wedding photography. Arrange for a discussion with the couple and make sure you note down the shots and poses they want to be taken. Show them samples of your work and if possible a pre-wedding shoot will be most helpful to learn about the couple’s comfort zones. Also make sure you discuss the family portraits that have to be taken to avoid missing out on them.


Make the most of the location

The couples chose a destination wedding for a reason and make sure you capture the most of this location. Bring in as many natural elements as possible in the pictures. Chances are these settings will only enhance the pictures. If possible, arrive early and make a mental note of all the spots that could be great for the portrait and couple shots.


Anticipate moments

Weddings are full of moments to be cherished and so it is the responsibility of the photographer to capture these moments to perfection. You have to be quick and efficient to freeze these seconds and make sure you are in the right place at the right time. Choosing your angle can also be very crucial as this is what matters most when it comes to taking breathtakingly beautiful snaps.


Be wary of the lighting

This is most important for a photographer to be aware of Make a note of the lighting both indoors and outdoors. Make sure the photos are not over exposed or under exposed though there are exceptions to both. Use as much natural lighting as possible as this enhances your photographs in ways additional lightings cannot. Make sure you use flash only when necessary.


Bursts come in handy

Sometimes it is best to use burst mode. You never know, the best photograph maybe the one after the posed ones. Set your camera in burst mode to capture every possible emotion. These could create pretty good candid shots especially when you catch them unawares.

Get creative with the angles

What matters most in any photograph is the angle in which the picture has been shot. It is possible for anyone to click a picture of the couples holding hands or looking at each other. By choosing a particular angle you choose to tell a story in your own unique way. Experiment with angles and lighting to make your photographs more special.


Make sure you packed them all

Now this may seem simple, but make sure you packed all the equipment you need and you have enough and more memory space. It does not hurt to double check this anyway.

10 Tips for Candid Wedding Photography

Candid photography is perhaps the most hip and happening of its kind as photographers have been able to capture some great moments with it hence are sometimes asked to do away with formal shots and capture spontaneous shots. Weddings are an apt occasion to capture candid pictures and a professional photographer gets behind the scenes on the wedding day just to capture them.

Here are 10 tips for candid wedding photography.

Spontaneity matters

As a photographer, being alert during a wedding is a crucial aspect to taking spontaneous shots; a professional photographer should capture high standard photos. A photographer should make sure that while he or she is capturing the spontaneity of the moment, the clarity of the picture should not be compromised. Candid photos must bring about sincerity, honesty and simplicity in order to create memorable shots.


Position yourself systematically

Candid photography is all about getting the exact shot at the right split second of time, it is essential for you to think before hand of the various events that are going to unfold. Get to the wedding ceremony early and think about what will happen at the ceremony and where exactly will it be best suited for you to stand. By positioning yourself systematically, this will enable you to take the best and memorable shots possible.


Foreground elements

In order to give your photos more depth, it’s essential to add something in the foreground of the subject you are trying to capture, in other words this should be done by framing foreground elements besides the subject. For example this can be accomplished by shooting over the Bride or groom’s shoulder or the parents of the married couple, or this could also be done by shooting between a certain object, such as between branches of a tree or lighting bulbs.


Have a perspective

Capturing from different perspectives adds charm to your photos, feel free to move around and figure out as many angles as possible in which you can capture your shots from. Try as much as possible to take photos from an unconventional angle. Try taking multiple shots, by turning on to the continuous shooting mode on your camera, this will give you several shots, out of which you can choose the best.


Using Long Zoom

Always create a natural look in your pictures, when you use a long zoom, your subject may not be entirely aware of the fact that you are photographing them, this will make your subjects appear more relaxed and natural in your photos. Using a telephoto lens or even zooming out from a distance helps you to shoot outside your subject’s personal space, but do keep in mind to bring about the essence of the shot.


Remove Flash

A blinding flash light can kill the moment. Always avoid using flash when aiming for candid shots. In case of low light situations increase the ISO setting, use a faster lens and open up your aperture or if your camera has a natural light setting then turn it on.


Capture people doing things

When you capture people doing things, it adds in an element of story to the photo. Let your subjects be unaware and let them not realize that you are photographing them, this will also add energy and will give a vibrant feel to your photo as they will be focused on the things they are doing.


Capture People with People

In order to introduce relationship in a shot, it’s nice to shoot more than one person in the image; again introducing two or more people in the photo adds depth and a story element. And most importantly it will add emotions into the shot.


Carry your camera everywhere

Do not go anywhere without your camera, as you may never know when an apt moment may appear.

Taking your camera with you, helps people to feel less camera shy and they will feel comfortable with you taking their picture. Carrying your camera can also help you take trial shots; this will prepare you in advance.


Being time focused

Timing is everything in Candid shots so wait until people are distracted from you and fully focused upon what they are doing or who they are with and you’ll inject a feeling into your shots of them being unaware.


Why is the Location of the photo shoot important for taking great photographs?

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The location of the shoot becomes an important element of any shoot because it adds beauty to the picture .Where ever you take a picture, it comes out well .But do you want it to come out with great finish and appeal? If you want that to happen, you may have to do some research on where you should take the shoot. Even now there are people who think that it’s not worth the effort to choose an exotic location to shoot but doing that will reward you at the end.

Let’s find out how;

Whether you live in India, Europe, America or Germany, every place has lovely tourist spots in which photo shoots can be taken. Even if you are on a small budget, you can visit places in your own country. Beaches, resorts, farmhouses, museums, palaces, natural locations like waterfalls, mountains and near trees are all excellent options for your shoot.

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A location is important for better photographs as it adds the charm to the photograph. Suppose you choose to have your photo shoot in your friend’s villa, the pictures may come out well and you may also look fabulous .But what is different about your photo shoot that is going to inspire people to try something different or impress them? They may like the pictures in the villa because the location is decent and they are already familiar with you as a couple .They will look at them with a biased view. If you are a couple about to get married, a small effort to go to a location and shoot will leave you with wonderful memories of your times together during courtship. If you are a business trying to endorse your products/services, a good location creates the right visual impact that potential customers can associate with your brand.

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Appearing in photo shoots is not an everyday opportunity, so why waste it? All you have to do is put in some effort. Effort in the form of time, clothes, accessories and make up for the shoot, finalizing the location and booking tickets for that, losing the calories you need to for chasing your ideal look. If you do this, then the photo shoot will come out extremely well. Otherwise, you may have to settle for the mediocre.

5 Things you need to do to look good in Photographs

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We all love posing for pictures and most of the pictures come out well because the combination of you wanting the photograph to come out well makes you put in some effort plus the event makes you happy and helps the photographer take the photographs with ease. But a little more effort on your part can make you look at your own pictures with awe. Looking good comes naturally to most of us but don’t you want to look ravishing? We will tell you what to do to look great in all your pictures.

Smile a lot

Smiling can make your photos look better and is linked to a happy state of mind.It’s important to be happy while being photographed as a smile is a photographer’s delight .In candid photographs, nothing really can be done as you are not told how to pose. But in posed photography, a smile is possible if you put your mind to it. If you are not a naturalposer, you needn’t worry as you will master it soon.

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Pose for many copies

Ask your photographer to take many copies of a single photo. Whether your photographer is an amateur or a professional, remember to have at least three to four copies of a single picture. Having a few copies helps you decide the best for your album.

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Take care of your make up and outfits

There are many people who say ‘It’s not about you wear, but about how you feel’. How you feel, your attitude and your smile are very important for the picture but if you want to look your best, you have to complement all that with makeup that suits you and wear clothes that make you look fabulous.

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Lose a few pounds

Achieving remarkable transformation before a wedding is a great job. Your ideal weight needs to be calculated and you can try to hit that weight range. Losing weight is the slowest yet rewarding process ever but this process needs to be started about six months before your wedding. You wouldn’t want to be on the fatter side in your wedding album right? Then what are you waiting for, go hit the gym right now!

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Look at your favourite photos and notice a pattern in them

You definitely must have a few photos in your desktop or phone which you adore.Look at those photos and notice what makes you stand out and look at yourself with pride. Either you would have been wearing your favorite outfit, or you would have been smiling naturally or you were just being yourself. Whatever it is ,notice the pattern and make efforts to pose better now. You won’t be disappointed if you understand what triggers you to be your best. It can be a person, a location or a dress that brings out that amazing picture of you to cherish forever.

5 Tips For Photographing Babies

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Babies come out beautifully in photographs .They come out well because they are so natural and have no pretence in them. The best thing about them that comes out so well in a picture is their innocence. However, it may be untrue to say that all pictures of babies come out well. The timing of the picture is very important. Kids go through different emotions and capturing them when they are unhappy may not be the best idea. Happy kids make unparalleled subjects for a photograph. Happiness is the essence of any picture as that is what translates into good photography and a picture of a happy kid can bring a smile on your face.

Capture the baby when he is happy with the world

There is nothing more beautiful than a happy kid. You can capture the happy baby well by having an eye contact with him. Talk to him in his language and he will soon be doing what you want for the picture. You just need to demonstrate a pose and the baby will be able to do that after you showed him how to do it as they are very good at imitating. Candid pictures of babies also come out well but then you need to have the knack of capturing them unaware.

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Explain everything about the photograph to them

Children are very intuitive and intelligent. They also know when they are being photographed and some babies may even be conscious about being photographed. So, in case they are refusing to pose, all you have to do is explain to them about what you are doing very kindly and soon you have a good model for your pictures. Good luck!

Show them the photograph and tell them how cute they are

They have cooperated with you in taking the photograph. So, if you want the camera rolling after taking the photograph, it is a must that you show and tell them how superb they look.

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Give them something to hold or give them something they like

In case they are not cooperating, then you can give them some props like toys, games or lollipops, so that they look happier in the pictures.

Entertain them.

Even though kids are intelligent, there may be a few cases when they may not be able to grasp what you are saying. In those cases, you may have to entertain them by singing, dancing, asking them about their experiences and understanding them. Once they get comfortable with you, shooting with them may become as easy as shooting with an adult.

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You may have to remember to not force the baby to pose .Making fun of them should be totally avoided as they may get offended (remember they are fragile spirits). Capture them in natural lighting and try to bring out their best features. Some babies may have good skin glow, some may be naughty and nice and some may have good eyes. So, decide which feature you wish to emphasize through photography. Observe them first and then take the pictures.

Our 5 point Mantra for a Happy Marriage

You may have loved your wedding with everyone treating you as the prince or princess, the center of attraction of the whole pre and post-nuptial ceremonies. But time will tell you whether you like the marriage. A marriage is a new beginning to a lifelong commitment and a few simple actions on your part can make this journey both enjoyable and fulfilling. To be successful in the institution of marriage, you have to be mature, accepting and communicative. In fact, having an open communication is really the best way to have a healthy relationship and a happy married life.

Tips for a happy marriage - wedding photography blog

Here’s our five point mantra that never fails for a long and happy marriage.

Have an open communication

Marrying is the coming together of two different personalities. Only, if you are communicating openly with each other about your expectations, opinions and disappointments will the relationship be successful. Suppressing emotions because of not being comfortable with saying things aloud and because of being a closed person are ways to spoil a relationship that must get its chance of blossoming into something beautiful.

Be honest

It feels horrible when you find out that you have been lied to and it will leave you feeling horrible when you lie, so it’s better that you stay away from anything that makes you feel bad. Being honest with your partner is important because he/she is your special friend and soul mate for life. Being dishonest with your partner will never let that emotional connection achieve its zenith if you are hiding things. Being your untrue self will not get you anywhere. Establish a relationship that is based on trust and faith, not dishonesty.

Keep the romance alive

If it’s been about two years since you guys got married and the interest in each other is slowly decreasing, it’s time to analyze why. There were days in your courtship and in the initial days of marriage when waiting for each other was never a problem and you just needed a reason to meet each other. Infact, not meeting each other was a cause of pain and anxiety .But now; you can spend hours without each other because there are so many things to do. Leading a family life, parenting and getting older in years gives you much more responsibility than you would have ever imagined. But, that shouldn’t keep you away from having the same interest and care towards your partner. It’s really important to keep the romance alive, go out together, get mushy, do fun things together and really prove to your spouse that you care. Holidaying at least twice a year is a great way to keep the romance alive.

Stop being judgmental or too demanding

Your partner may be different from you and you may either like or dislike your partner’s qualities. Even if you don’t approve of certain things about your partner, you needn’t be vocal about it all the time. You can tell him once that you didn’t like whatever he did but saying it repeatedly may make him irritated. For example, if you find your husband is always gaming with friends in weekends, you can initiate a conversation about it or if you find your wife buying too many clothes, you can try to initiate a discussion about it but it’s not wise to be too judgmental about everything. If you accept the person for who he /she is, it gives you more peace. The moment you stop trying to change everything and become more accepting, you will have far less worries and far greater happiness in your relationship.

Don’t forget to love and care for yourself

Marriage is about give and take. But that shouldn’t prevent you from taking care of yourself, living the life you want to, setting goals for yourself and rewarding yourself at the end of it. Yes, you may have to push your limits, go out of your way to help and reach out to your new family. Look at it as an opportunity to prove yourself and show that you care to your new family when you are given certain responsibilities. But, that again should not keep you away from taking care of yourself. Everything begins and ends with us in many ways and its okay to be self centered sometimes, but not all the time.

Marriage is a lovely commitment and when you are married, you get somebody who loves you and somebody who is going to share the rest of his/her life with you. You really need to make this journey a beautiful one as it’s a long journey and its going to show you sides of yourself you never knew you had. These sides of yourself are your true colors which may be good or bad. A good marriage doesn’t always happen by chance. Working into a relationship consistently is the key for a happy marriage. Happy couples mainly focus on the positive things about each other and overlook the negatives. Even if there are certain things that needs to be changed in your spouse, make sure you work on them slowly and steadily and most importantly, in a caring manner.

Beauty tips for bringing out the Woman in you for your Wedding

It’s a just a month before your wedding and you have to start planning your beauty routine. Relax and understand that there is a solution for everything. Calm down, take your note pad and write your plan for the next weeks and yes, follow it.

Women Beauty tips for for your Wedding

Time to get serious

It’s time to take your look seriously. The appointments pending with the dermatologist, dietician and stylist have to be implemented as soon as possible. It’s not a wise thing to do –if you are planning to get things together on the day of the wedding. The best time to start planning for all your major appointments, look and routine has to be one month before. You should have no regrets on the day of the wedding, so to look confident and lovely on the day, you must carry a ‘must list’.

Eat balanced diets

You need to shed those extra kilos before the wedding, so that you look beautiful and fit. It’s time to stop eating empty calories like cookies, pizza and coke. Having lots of vegetables, drinking lots of water and having necessary amount of protein and vitamins will help a great deal. But ultimately you should feel beautiful inside. Looking beautiful has a lot to do with your inside make up and attitude. A good inside make up with really good make up will make you look like a goddess.

Practice your look

Okay; we appreciate you for being ready with all your designer clothes. Hey! But that’s not enough. Wear them once a week and check whether they are fitting you and have regular make up rehearsals. Buy all the cosmetics you need before your wedding. Lipsticks, eyeliner, gloss, perfumes, mascara and creams, all have to be bought at least three weeks before the wedding. Ask your friends to come to your place and tell you what they think of your new look.

Do some research

You may not follow fashion and style, but experimenting and making some effort during your wedding will be rewarding. Check out magazines and TV channels to find out the different hairstyles, looks and ideas you can execute during your wedding. You can also save a few articles online, if you feel they are useful and take a few ideas from them. So once you are confident about your look, go ahead and fix the look for your wedding. See what people say. Don’t take it seriously if people don’t appreciate the look as much as you thought they would, as long as you love it.

Have a backup plan

Your plans are fixed but always have a backup plan in case things don’t work out the way you wanted them to. Suppose, you have to wear this particular earring on a particular day, have it with you but also have a few more matching the dress you are going to wear. Even if you are on a tight budget, at least manage to get 2 to 3 lipsticks for the wedding. You would have spent a lot of energy on every little thing; why not spend some more to make the whole affair perfect?

Go for regular walks and be active

Suppose you have taken three weeks off, rest is compulsory for balancing your stress levels. But, you must wake up at least by 6 am and go for walks in the fresh morning air. You can also meditate in your balcony, garden and visualize your event. They say ‘if you going to see it in your eyes, you will have it in your hand’. Be confident and you will find that things will slowly fall into place.

Other small tips

  • Have regular visits to your dermatologist and makeup artist. Try and rehearse looks before the event.
  • Spend time in front of the mirror analyzing whether you are really happy with the way you are progressing with your beauty goals.
  • Do your waxing in a really good beauty clinic. Try new cosmetic brands and see what you like for your wedding. Try to practice really good eye makeup sessions with yourself and with the stylist.
  • It’s important not to over think. Yes, you have a look of things to do but you really need to relax and have fun while planning.
  • Avoid going out too much with your friends and partner as you’ll end up partying and spoiling your look. You may also end up having a lot of empty calories like pastries and cola which is not good for you.
  • Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day. You can also take small naps in between to rejuvenate yourself in all that mess and excitement.
  • Be feminine and graceful. Whether you are a feeble girl or a tomboyish or an audacious sort, we just love all of you, but, this is the time when you have to be calm and composed and really bring out the inner woman in you.
  • Try not to attend too many phone calls and do a lot of social networking as that may exhaust you a lot. This is the time you need to conserve your energy a lot, so be alert and cautious.

You are stunning. More than anyone else, it is you who has to believe in it and feel it.

5 reasons why you should hire a professional photographer for your wedding

Your wedding is in a few days and you have finished planning everything. Have you planned your wedding photographs? In case you haven’t, you are definitely making a big mistake. Is somebody in your family your photographer? If that is the case, then you may have to alter your plans a bit because hiring a professional wedding photographer is not something you should be putting in your ‘I should’ list. Hiring a professional photographer should go into your ‘I must list’. Your wedding is something you experience once in a lifetime and you just have to hire professional photographers who know how to capture you when you look your best and who know how to make pictures tell the essence of your story. Photographs are loved by all because they remind people of something that happened in the past. Pictures are beautiful whether they are taken by you or your friends. But the impact will definitely be more when you give your event to the professional photographer you hire.

reasons why you should hire a professional photographer for your weddingThere are so many types of photography today. They are candid photography, pre wedding cinematic shoot and posed photography. When there are so many things you can do, why not do it with style and skill?

A professional photographer is a professional in the field of photography

A professional is a person who has learnt his subject and has some experience in his field. A professional photographer would have definitely participated in many events and understood how to photograph each wedding depending on the culture, the expectations of the people and kind of moments that need to be captured. A wedding in southern India will be different from an event in Northern India. So, if you hire a professional wedding photographer, he just knows what to do as he intuitively knows the moments he needs to capture. All you have to do is give him the event.

They see things you can’t

A professional photographer can make the simplest moments look great. You may be wondering how he is able to do that. He is able to do that because he understands that even if he has is a simple pose and a situation, it can look good if it is photographed in a certain way. A baby standing near the stage and dancing is a simple picture but when a photographer takes it, he understands the angle, the lighting and the overall mood of the moment which makes the picture look brilliant.

Photographers do it in style

Having a friend take your wedding photographs may come out well and in fact, it may even exceed your expectations .Your friend knows your family well which gives him an instinctive understanding of what he should capture. But is he doing it with style and can he later edit them well? The photographs that are taken during the wedding are not the final images given to you by the photographers. When a professional photographer takes a session he sure does it style and substance. He is also going to go back to his work place, edit things a bit, make it look great and then give it to you. He may also take three to four copies of a single photograph sometimes and then select the best among that and give it to you. The album will be packaged creatively for you so that you can show it to the guests who come to your house. Hiring a professional is a sure shot way of freezing the best day of your life in time. When you hire a photographer, you can introduce him to the close friends and family of the couple, so that the photographer shoots them exclusively. Also, if you are making your friend your photographer, you are actually putting him in an awkward position of asking everyone to pose .Your friend is supposed to enjoy the ceremony and not take photographs all the time.

Quality of the equipment

Photographers use a DSLR camera to shoot images and obviously these images look better than when they are taken with a normal camera. This is a reason enough to hire professionals because the quality of the images is going to be better.

An amateur may be good but he may not be good enough

You are definitely taking a chance or a risk if you hire an amateur. This is considered as a risk mainly because they may not be stern and assertive enough to tell people to pose in a certain way; Professionals know what shots will look good or what shots need to be erased. If you hire a professional, he can sense photo opportunities but an amateur will miss the smallest details of the event which could have become great pictures and could actually capture the life and soul of the event. A photograph gives you memories while a beautiful photograph gives you great memories which will leave a smile on your face.

So , what are you waiting for? Ask around , get your photographer and have a blast.