10 Tips for Candid Wedding Photography

Candid photography is perhaps the most hip and happening of its kind as photographers have been able to capture some great moments with it hence are sometimes asked to do away with formal shots and capture spontaneous shots. Weddings are an apt occasion to capture candid pictures and a professional photographer gets behind the scenes on the wedding day just to capture them.

Here are 10 tips for candid wedding photography.

Spontaneity matters

As a photographer, being alert during a wedding is a crucial aspect to taking spontaneous shots; a professional photographer should capture high standard photos. A photographer should make sure that while he or she is capturing the spontaneity of the moment, the clarity of the picture should not be compromised. Candid photos must bring about sincerity, honesty and simplicity in order to create memorable shots.


Position yourself systematically

Candid photography is all about getting the exact shot at the right split second of time, it is essential for you to think before hand of the various events that are going to unfold. Get to the wedding ceremony early and think about what will happen at the ceremony and where exactly will it be best suited for you to stand. By positioning yourself systematically, this will enable you to take the best and memorable shots possible.


Foreground elements

In order to give your photos more depth, it’s essential to add something in the foreground of the subject you are trying to capture, in other words this should be done by framing foreground elements besides the subject. For example this can be accomplished by shooting over the Bride or groom’s shoulder or the parents of the married couple, or this could also be done by shooting between a certain object, such as between branches of a tree or lighting bulbs.


Have a perspective

Capturing from different perspectives adds charm to your photos, feel free to move around and figure out as many angles as possible in which you can capture your shots from. Try as much as possible to take photos from an unconventional angle. Try taking multiple shots, by turning on to the continuous shooting mode on your camera, this will give you several shots, out of which you can choose the best.


Using Long Zoom

Always create a natural look in your pictures, when you use a long zoom, your subject may not be entirely aware of the fact that you are photographing them, this will make your subjects appear more relaxed and natural in your photos. Using a telephoto lens or even zooming out from a distance helps you to shoot outside your subject’s personal space, but do keep in mind to bring about the essence of the shot.


Remove Flash

A blinding flash light can kill the moment. Always avoid using flash when aiming for candid shots. In case of low light situations increase the ISO setting, use a faster lens and open up your aperture or if your camera has a natural light setting then turn it on.


Capture people doing things

When you capture people doing things, it adds in an element of story to the photo. Let your subjects be unaware and let them not realize that you are photographing them, this will also add energy and will give a vibrant feel to your photo as they will be focused on the things they are doing.


Capture People with People

In order to introduce relationship in a shot, it’s nice to shoot more than one person in the image; again introducing two or more people in the photo adds depth and a story element. And most importantly it will add emotions into the shot.


Carry your camera everywhere

Do not go anywhere without your camera, as you may never know when an apt moment may appear.

Taking your camera with you, helps people to feel less camera shy and they will feel comfortable with you taking their picture. Carrying your camera can also help you take trial shots; this will prepare you in advance.


Being time focused

Timing is everything in Candid shots so wait until people are distracted from you and fully focused upon what they are doing or who they are with and you’ll inject a feeling into your shots of them being unaware.