5 reasons why you should hire a professional photographer for your wedding

Your wedding is in a few days and you have finished planning everything. Have you planned your wedding photographs? In case you haven’t, you are definitely making a big mistake. Is somebody in your family your photographer? If that is the case, then you may have to alter your plans a bit because hiring a professional wedding photographer is not something you should be putting in your ‘I should’ list. Hiring a professional photographer should go into your ‘I must list’. Your wedding is something you experience once in a lifetime and you just have to hire professional photographers who know how to capture you when you look your best and who know how to make pictures tell the essence of your story. Photographs are loved by all because they remind people of something that happened in the past. Pictures are beautiful whether they are taken by you or your friends. But the impact will definitely be more when you give your event to the professional photographer you hire.

reasons why you should hire a professional photographer for your weddingThere are so many types of photography today. They are candid photography, pre wedding cinematic shoot and posed photography. When there are so many things you can do, why not do it with style and skill?

A professional photographer is a professional in the field of photography

A professional is a person who has learnt his subject and has some experience in his field. A professional photographer would have definitely participated in many events and understood how to photograph each wedding depending on the culture, the expectations of the people and kind of moments that need to be captured. A wedding in southern India will be different from an event in Northern India. So, if you hire a professional wedding photographer, he just knows what to do as he intuitively knows the moments he needs to capture. All you have to do is give him the event.

They see things you can’t

A professional photographer can make the simplest moments look great. You may be wondering how he is able to do that. He is able to do that because he understands that even if he has is a simple pose and a situation, it can look good if it is photographed in a certain way. A baby standing near the stage and dancing is a simple picture but when a photographer takes it, he understands the angle, the lighting and the overall mood of the moment which makes the picture look brilliant.

Photographers do it in style

Having a friend take your wedding photographs may come out well and in fact, it may even exceed your expectations .Your friend knows your family well which gives him an instinctive understanding of what he should capture. But is he doing it with style and can he later edit them well? The photographs that are taken during the wedding are not the final images given to you by the photographers. When a professional photographer takes a session he sure does it style and substance. He is also going to go back to his work place, edit things a bit, make it look great and then give it to you. He may also take three to four copies of a single photograph sometimes and then select the best among that and give it to you. The album will be packaged creatively for you so that you can show it to the guests who come to your house. Hiring a professional is a sure shot way of freezing the best day of your life in time. When you hire a photographer, you can introduce him to the close friends and family of the couple, so that the photographer shoots them exclusively. Also, if you are making your friend your photographer, you are actually putting him in an awkward position of asking everyone to pose .Your friend is supposed to enjoy the ceremony and not take photographs all the time.

Quality of the equipment

Photographers use a DSLR camera to shoot images and obviously these images look better than when they are taken with a normal camera. This is a reason enough to hire professionals because the quality of the images is going to be better.

An amateur may be good but he may not be good enough

You are definitely taking a chance or a risk if you hire an amateur. This is considered as a risk mainly because they may not be stern and assertive enough to tell people to pose in a certain way; Professionals know what shots will look good or what shots need to be erased. If you hire a professional, he can sense photo opportunities but an amateur will miss the smallest details of the event which could have become great pictures and could actually capture the life and soul of the event. A photograph gives you memories while a beautiful photograph gives you great memories which will leave a smile on your face.

So , what are you waiting for? Ask around , get your photographer and have a blast.