5 Things you need to do to look good in Photographs

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We all love posing for pictures and most of the pictures come out well because the combination of you wanting the photograph to come out well makes you put in some effort plus the event makes you happy and helps the photographer take the photographs with ease. But a little more effort on your part can make you look at your own pictures with awe. Looking good comes naturally to most of us but don’t you want to look ravishing? We will tell you what to do to look great in all your pictures.

Smile a lot

Smiling can make your photos look better and is linked to a happy state of mind.It’s important to be happy while being photographed as a smile is a photographer’s delight .In candid photographs, nothing really can be done as you are not told how to pose. But in posed photography, a smile is possible if you put your mind to it. If you are not a naturalposer, you needn’t worry as you will master it soon.

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Pose for many copies

Ask your photographer to take many copies of a single photo. Whether your photographer is an amateur or a professional, remember to have at least three to four copies of a single picture. Having a few copies helps you decide the best for your album.

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Take care of your make up and outfits

There are many people who say ‘It’s not about you wear, but about how you feel’. How you feel, your attitude and your smile are very important for the picture but if you want to look your best, you have to complement all that with makeup that suits you and wear clothes that make you look fabulous.

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Lose a few pounds

Achieving remarkable transformation before a wedding is a great job. Your ideal weight needs to be calculated and you can try to hit that weight range. Losing weight is the slowest yet rewarding process ever but this process needs to be started about six months before your wedding. You wouldn’t want to be on the fatter side in your wedding album right? Then what are you waiting for, go hit the gym right now!

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Look at your favourite photos and notice a pattern in them

You definitely must have a few photos in your desktop or phone which you adore.Look at those photos and notice what makes you stand out and look at yourself with pride. Either you would have been wearing your favorite outfit, or you would have been smiling naturally or you were just being yourself. Whatever it is ,notice the pattern and make efforts to pose better now. You won’t be disappointed if you understand what triggers you to be your best. It can be a person, a location or a dress that brings out that amazing picture of you to cherish forever.