Kids’ Photography: Capturing the innocence of Baby Sohaan

baby bloom photography studio vaibhava

Having a baby is always fun and capturing the first few moments of your child is more fun. When you give birth to a child, there are a number of gifts you buy as a couple for your child and then there are gifts pouring in from everywhere. What happens next is you wait for your kid to grow up a bit to see him play with all the gifts he received. When he wears a nice outfit, you are happy, when he smiles and laughs, you are happy and when he is playing with all the toys he got, you are happy. We had the same feeling when we captured Sohaan’s moments. This cute kid is from Bangalore and loves having fun and hanging out in the city with his parents when they get the time off. Dishi(Sohaan) is also how he is called fondly is ‘a playful and friendly child’ his parents say.

baby bloom photography studio vaibhava

Sohaan unlimited

Say hi to Kishore and Namitha. Kishore and Namitha are from Bangalore and have their own successful business. They have own conventional hall and they are also building a school in Yelahanka. This busy couple socialize a lot on weekends and take their child out during weekends. Their kid ’Sohaan’ or ‘Dishi’ as he is fondly called loves to freak out in Bangalore.Sohaan also visits his parent’s friend’s kids during weekends and makes friends easily. The time we photographed them was well spent as we really could bring out some happy moments.

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The couple

Baby and Father photography - Kid Photography

Kishore looking at Sohaan with admiring eyes

The relationship between a dad and child is always special. Having a caring dad is special and having a dad who spends some quality time taking care of the child is great.That’s what we noticed when we shot ‘Kishore and Sohaan’ as the relationship between them was shown so evidently. Whether you are the daughter or the son, your dad is always the first hero in your life and the hero in Sohaan’s life is Kishore.

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A closer look at the bonding