Our 5 point Mantra for a Happy Marriage

You may have loved your wedding with everyone treating you as the prince or princess, the center of attraction of the whole pre and post-nuptial ceremonies. But time will tell you whether you like the marriage. A marriage is a new beginning to a lifelong commitment and a few simple actions on your part can make this journey both enjoyable and fulfilling. To be successful in the institution of marriage, you have to be mature, accepting and communicative. In fact, having an open communication is really the best way to have a healthy relationship and a happy married life.

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Here’s our five point mantra that never fails for a long and happy marriage.

Have an open communication

Marrying is the coming together of two different personalities. Only, if you are communicating openly with each other about your expectations, opinions and disappointments will the relationship be successful. Suppressing emotions because of not being comfortable with saying things aloud and because of being a closed person are ways to spoil a relationship that must get its chance of blossoming into something beautiful.

Be honest

It feels horrible when you find out that you have been lied to and it will leave you feeling horrible when you lie, so it’s better that you stay away from anything that makes you feel bad. Being honest with your partner is important because he/she is your special friend and soul mate for life. Being dishonest with your partner will never let that emotional connection achieve its zenith if you are hiding things. Being your untrue self will not get you anywhere. Establish a relationship that is based on trust and faith, not dishonesty.

Keep the romance alive

If it’s been about two years since you guys got married and the interest in each other is slowly decreasing, it’s time to analyze why. There were days in your courtship and in the initial days of marriage when waiting for each other was never a problem and you just needed a reason to meet each other. Infact, not meeting each other was a cause of pain and anxiety .But now; you can spend hours without each other because there are so many things to do. Leading a family life, parenting and getting older in years gives you much more responsibility than you would have ever imagined. But, that shouldn’t keep you away from having the same interest and care towards your partner. It’s really important to keep the romance alive, go out together, get mushy, do fun things together and really prove to your spouse that you care. Holidaying at least twice a year is a great way to keep the romance alive.

Stop being judgmental or too demanding

Your partner may be different from you and you may either like or dislike your partner’s qualities. Even if you don’t approve of certain things about your partner, you needn’t be vocal about it all the time. You can tell him once that you didn’t like whatever he did but saying it repeatedly may make him irritated. For example, if you find your husband is always gaming with friends in weekends, you can initiate a conversation about it or if you find your wife buying too many clothes, you can try to initiate a discussion about it but it’s not wise to be too judgmental about everything. If you accept the person for who he /she is, it gives you more peace. The moment you stop trying to change everything and become more accepting, you will have far less worries and far greater happiness in your relationship.

Don’t forget to love and care for yourself

Marriage is about give and take. But that shouldn’t prevent you from taking care of yourself, living the life you want to, setting goals for yourself and rewarding yourself at the end of it. Yes, you may have to push your limits, go out of your way to help and reach out to your new family. Look at it as an opportunity to prove yourself and show that you care to your new family when you are given certain responsibilities. But, that again should not keep you away from taking care of yourself. Everything begins and ends with us in many ways and its okay to be self centered sometimes, but not all the time.

Marriage is a lovely commitment and when you are married, you get somebody who loves you and somebody who is going to share the rest of his/her life with you. You really need to make this journey a beautiful one as it’s a long journey and its going to show you sides of yourself you never knew you had. These sides of yourself are your true colors which may be good or bad. A good marriage doesn’t always happen by chance. Working into a relationship consistently is the key for a happy marriage. Happy couples mainly focus on the positive things about each other and overlook the negatives. Even if there are certain things that needs to be changed in your spouse, make sure you work on them slowly and steadily and most importantly, in a caring manner.