Pre Wedding Photography Shoot of Abhi And Mythri

Cinematic prewedding photography shoot

Pre wedding photographs are a great way for a couple to get to know each other. Though wedding photography was the only photography usually popular with people, the way pre wedding shoots are becoming popular are so notable. A wedding is a great event for a couple to celebrate and it’s more because it’s a once in a life event and today the wedding can be conducted in a great and lavish way and that’s exactly why pre wedding shoots are becoming so popular. This is the time the sweet couple can come to know about each other and also get to know their similarities and differences.

pre wedding shoot indoor

Exchanging a naughty look

Pre wedding shoots are fun and this time it was Abhi and Mythris shoot. These shoots are really the time to get comfortable and what a great way to kick start a romance. They say photos tell you things that words can’t capture and that’s exactly what happened in this pre wedding shoot of Abhi and Mythri.

pre wedding shoot photography

The typical boy and girl pose

These shoots are the time when the couple can actually feel like the heroine and the hero of their event. They feel lovely, fashionable, wanted, and lively and they feel they are going to conquer the world. These photographs show a side of them they have never seen and sometimes they surprise themselves with the kind of spark and chemistry they are able to project with just one photograph. That’s exactly the magic that pre wedding shoots can bring about.

Cinematic prewedding photography shoot

Doesn’t this remind you of a Bollywood song?

It’s not every day that you can get to pose like never before and really have the time of your life. Wedding is the time the couple actually takes conscious effort to look fabulous and why not showcases that diva in you with a pre wedding photo shoot? You can also choose some lovely locations. If your guy loves beach spots, you can try places like Goa and Pondicherry and if your girl is a nature lover, why not take her to the best gardens and exotic scenic places.

wedding destination photography prewedding

Happiness is Love and love is happiness

colorful prewedding photography

So much love

These shoots had Abhi and Mythri looking their best with outfits that were casual, semi casual and desi and the different colors with their extra bright twinkle in their eye and the love in their hearts sure made this evening a great one for us.. The love between Abhi and Mythri was so evident and we wish Abhi and Mythri and all the best for their wedding and their life.