Tips for taking better wedding photographs

Bless the day photography was invented because this has been our greatest possession, freezing time and memories with ease and creating moments that will be recalled several times in the years to come. Among the many events one could photograph, wedding photography earns a top spot just for its emotional significance. So it is very important for a wedding photographer to pay attention to every detail and capture the blissful moments of the wedding. Here are a few tips for the photographers to make the couple’s day.

Discuss the shots with the couple

This is the most important part of wedding photography. Arrange for a discussion with the couple and make sure you note down the shots and poses they want to be taken. Show them samples of your work and if possible a pre-wedding shoot will be most helpful to learn about the couple’s comfort zones. Also make sure you discuss the family portraits that have to be taken to avoid missing out on them.


Make the most of the location

The couples chose a destination wedding for a reason and make sure you capture the most of this location. Bring in as many natural elements as possible in the pictures. Chances are these settings will only enhance the pictures. If possible, arrive early and make a mental note of all the spots that could be great for the portrait and couple shots.


Anticipate moments

Weddings are full of moments to be cherished and so it is the responsibility of the photographer to capture these moments to perfection. You have to be quick and efficient to freeze these seconds and make sure you are in the right place at the right time. Choosing your angle can also be very crucial as this is what matters most when it comes to taking breathtakingly beautiful snaps.


Be wary of the lighting

This is most important for a photographer to be aware of Make a note of the lighting both indoors and outdoors. Make sure the photos are not over exposed or under exposed though there are exceptions to both. Use as much natural lighting as possible as this enhances your photographs in ways additional lightings cannot. Make sure you use flash only when necessary.


Bursts come in handy

Sometimes it is best to use burst mode. You never know, the best photograph maybe the one after the posed ones. Set your camera in burst mode to capture every possible emotion. These could create pretty good candid shots especially when you catch them unawares.

Get creative with the angles

What matters most in any photograph is the angle in which the picture has been shot. It is possible for anyone to click a picture of the couples holding hands or looking at each other. By choosing a particular angle you choose to tell a story in your own unique way. Experiment with angles and lighting to make your photographs more special.


Make sure you packed them all

Now this may seem simple, but make sure you packed all the equipment you need and you have enough and more memory space. It does not hurt to double check this anyway.