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Posed photography may never cease to exist, but what strike our senses are things that are candid, unique and packed with stories that no few lines can describe. Being Candid is our trait and we know how to leave a mark that’s irreplaceable. Expressions, emotions, gestures, sentiments, thoughtfulness may be synonyms for many, but at Vaibhava each has its own intricate meaning, and each one of them is dissimilar in all aspects. This is what’s candid in our photography that’s what we known for Candid wedding photography Bangalore.

As a candid wedding photographers in Bangalore we know the art of blowing spirit into the inanimate things, leave alone the spirited ones. You would have never noticed that peculiar mango leaf that was set in front of the yellow marigold tresses that curtain the pandal area which brims with children running hither-thither. Nor would you have spotted that streak of light entering the room and alleviating the beauty of the brass lamp that was placed amidst the thaals that served laddus and the bowl of ubtan beautifully decorated with fine silver foil and coloured thermocol balls. But we do observe them and save them for your then busy eyes to relive the moments that were otherwise left unnoticed.

You and your guests are captured unawares, and they really look best in those moments. We do find many of our works as your profile and cover pictures that stay on and on for months only to be replaced by another of our clan.

Candid wedding photography has a place for any event you think of; weddings, meetings, kitty parties, religious gatherings, birthday parties, professional audio-visuals, or may be for just a session only because you want to be shot candidly.

As Candid wedding photographers in Bangalore at Vaibhava, we know how to explore each bit of a space to its fullest, be it a location selected by us or by you. Studio Vaibhava, Candid wedding photography Bangalore can judge the team as well as the team-size that shall suit your purpose.

P.S- We really hate the burns out and glares; lest they are intentional!

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