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7 candid shots you just need to capture in a wedding

The beauty of candid photography is unmatchable because the person who is being photographed has no idea that he is being photographed and because of that he looks so natural and beautiful when the photograph....

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8 Reasons Why You Should Lose Weight and Look Great On Your Wedding

Wedding is a mesmerizing event in your life because it marks the beginning of your journey with another person who you love. It is also an eventful phase, a time when you meet new people....

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How to Plan your dream Wedding ?

Pompous affairs these weddings are and we don’t call it “The Big Fat Indian Wedding” without a reason. While it could be nerve-wrecking and at the same time exhilarating to get married, the real excitement....

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Kids’ Photography: Capturing the innocence of Baby Sohaan

Having a baby is always fun and capturing the first few moments of your child is more fun. When you give birth to a child, there are a number of gifts you buy as a....

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5 Tips For Beginners To Take Better Wedding Photographs

Wedding is a great event and this event is a celebration of cultures, people, food, romance and a lot of socializing. Obviously, this gives immense scope for photography whether it’s cinematic, candid or stage photography.....

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Pre Wedding Photography Shoot of Abhi And Mythri

Pre wedding photographs are a great way for a couple to get to know each other. Though wedding photography was the only photography usually popular with people, the way pre wedding shoots are becoming popular....

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