Kid Photography – Frozen in Cheese

Photographing the cutest buddies is sometimes the biggest ordeal as they seize to stand still. At Vaibhava we know their instincts and your wish as that’s ‘THE’ kid you are actually looking forward to capture by kids photography. We have the best photographers and equipments who know how to freeze even the fastest of the motions and even offer the off-camera speed to them by taking a panning shot for kids photography. Kids are gifts of God and our pictures are the best gift you can offer them in their later lives.

Kids are synonymous to photons-the energy packets of light, and we are well versed with the know-how of making light dance to our tunes. Kids are comfortable when they are left to themselves, and not directed to play a role; our photographers make them comfortable with the digital lens and they are more of themselves and are tagged as “natural posers”.

That wink in the eyes, those bread crumbs on the lips, the milk moustaches, the soapy bubbles, those mud laden hands, the thought of experimenting untrodden paths, are all our forte. Our secret eye is somewhere around the corner during those the sneak-peek moments when they think they are left unobserved!

They are photographed with grandma narrating them folklores, grandpa being their horse, mama playing the metaphor for love and papa dear being the partner in crime. And yes! We can never forget your daughter’s tweety that sleeps with her day and night and is tugged to her arms when she gets up from the bed and comes into the living room without the slippers on. Also we can by no means fail to notice the gun that he fires and each time you pretend to be injured and utter false sighs.

We capture childhood and preserve it in your memories as photographs that can never be erased from your mind’s database.

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